Lower West Pubnico, Old St Peters Church

Pubnico-Ouest-le-Bas, vieille église vers 1900.

Lower West Pubnico, old church around 1900.

*Overview of the churches in West Pubnico.

The current Catholic Church of West Pubnico is, in fact, the third to have been built. The first was built at the time of Father Sigogne, who blessed the cornerstone in 1810 and the church even in 1815. It was located to the north of what is called the path of the old church, on the hill, and was about 25 feet by 37. It was abandoned as a church in 1840, and was moved and then demolished.

The second church was built in 1840 just in front of the first church, on the other side of the road, in what is now called the old cemetery. It measured 40 feet by 50 ( see photo ). Its demolition began in October 1902 and continued until the following year.

In Lower West Pubnico, there is the old cemetery after the deportation. His tombstones are worn by time and date back to the early 19th century. The last person buried in the old cemetery was Marie-Jeanne d’Entremont in 1891.

*Reference number: Museum of Acadian Pubnicos 1998.22-P129.

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