Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Church

The construction of the Immaculate Conception Church in 1875 was entrusted to Pierre d’Entremont of Pubnico-Ouest, a work completed in 1879. In 1910, Father A. Fortier became the first resident priest, but he only remained six weeks. It was not until 1912 that the parish had a permanent resident priest, Father Lichtenberger, who served until 1916. There have been no resident priests to the Immaculate Conception since 1996.

In 1919, important changes were made. (The original dimensions of the first church built in 1875 were where the large pillars inside are now in the church, and part of the original roof is still contained in the first floor on the west side.) An addition to the west included a gated entrance and widening of the bell tower. The addition of the east side is composed of the sacristy and the flower room, and to the south a closed entrance. The windows were also modified at that time. The blessing of these renovations as a new church and the restoration of the former took place on July 29, 1919 by the Archbishop of Halifax McCarthy.

Some points of interest (by Denise and Walter d'Entremont - 1987):

1 – The name found most often on the gravestones of this cemetery is that of Amirault / Amiro, and by the parish visits of Father Albéni Poitras, the Amirault / Amiro are still the most numerous.

2 – The oldest inscription is on the stone: Anthony drowned on January 13, 1873, son of Machurine and Margaret Amiro.

3 – A very special column, made of metal, tells us about a family of Irish descent. Reading the inscription, we note the name of Marie Wrayton (mother) who died on September 17, 1879. Michael Wrayton (father), daughter Cassie Eugene, 17, and son Lovell Edgeworth, 19, all drowned on December 7, 1879. After an article: “The Wrayton Family” by Father Clarence J. d’Entremont, this accident happened in Argyle Bay, during a trip to visit his daughter Sophia E.

4 – Cross used wood, (a good temporary monument) bears the inscription: “HL d’Entremont DCD Dec 11 1944 age 82”, it is here where rests the body of H. Léander d’Entremont a historian who has on preserving the history of Pubnico. *

5 – “Father Arcade Theriault born on August 10, 1906, ordained June 24, 1934, died on January 7, 1965. R.I.P.” Father Theriault was pastor of the Immaculate Conception Parish from 1952 to 1965.

6 – The Cross at the back of the Cemetery was erected in 1980 to the memory of John Amirault.

7 – “Simon d’Entremont, 1788-1886 1836- First Member of the Legislature of Nova Scotia by the Township of Argyle 1837-First Acadian to sit in the House, etc.”

* H. Leander d’Entremont now has a permanent headstone


Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery, East Pubnico

Photos of tombstones and monuments of the cemetery of the Immaculate Conception Church, East Pubnico. The number at the end of the description of some of the images in these galleries corresponds to the lot numbers in the image below.

*People whose family names are unclear are listed by their first names.

The number at the end of the description of some of the images in these galleries corresponds to the lot numbers in the image below.

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