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William Campbell

To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: Know ye that I Lord William Campbell Captain General and Governor in Chief in and Over His Majesty’s Province of NOVA SCOTIA or ACADIA and its Dependencies Vice Admiral of the same, etca. etca. etca. By Virtue of the Power and Authority to me Given by His Present Majesty King George the third under the Great Seal of Great Britain, have Given, Granted and Confirmed, and by these Presents / Pursuant to His Majesty’s Proclamation bearing date the Seventh day of October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty three, for Granting lands to reduced Officers Soldiers and Seamen / Give, Grant and Confirm into The Reverend JOHN BREYNTON his Heirs and Assigns a Tract of Land Situate Lying and being, Beginning at the South eastermost boundary of Land Granted to His Excellency the late Montagu Wilmot Esqr. thence to run North by the Compass One hundred and forty Chains / of four Rods each / thence to run East One hundred Chains or until it meets Eel Lake, then to be Bounded by the Several Courses of said Lake and Eel River to the Mouth of it. thence to be bounded by the several Courses of the Sea Shore at High Water Mark until it comes to the bound first mentioned, Containing in the whole by Estimation Two Thousand Acres more or less with Allowance for Roads etca, with all and all manner of Mines unopened, excepting Mines of Gold, Silver, and Coals. TO HAVE and to HOLD the said Granted Premises with all privileges, profits, Commodities and Appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the Said JOHN BREYNTON his Heirs and Assigns forever. YIELDING and Paying by the said Grantee his Heirs and Assigns which by Acceptation hereof he binds and Obliges himself his Heirs, Executors and Assigns to Pay to His MAJESTY KING GEORGE the third his Heirs and successors, or to any person Lawfully Authorized to receive the same of His Majesty’s use a free yearly QUIT RENT of One fathing per Acre for every Acre so Granted, the first Payment of the Quit Rent to arise from and after the expiration of Five years from the date herof and so to continue payable Yearly thereafter forever, on default thereof this Grand shall be Null and Void. And provided also that this Grant shall have been Registered at the Register’s Office and a Docquet thereof entered at the Auditor’s Office within Six Months from the date hereof otherwise this Grant shall become Null and Void. AND the said Grantee bines and obliges himself his Heirs and Assigns within Three Years from the date hereof to Clear and Work Three Acres of or for every fifty Acres in the Tract hereby Granted, in the part of the Tract which he or they shall judge most Convenient and Advantegeous, or clear and drain Three Acres of Swampy or Sunken Grounds, or drain Three Acres of Marsh, if any such be within the bounds of this Grant, or put and keep on his lands within Three Years from the date hereof, Three Neat Cattle to be continued upon the lands untill Three Acres for every Fifty be fully cleared and improved. But if no part of said Tract be fit for present Cultivation without manuring and improving the same, the said Grantee his Heirs and Assigns shall be Obliged within three Years from the Date hereof to Erect on some part of the land One Dwelling House, to Contain, Twenty feet in length by Sixteen feet in breath, and to put on said Land Three neat Cattle for every fifty Acres or if the said Grantee, his Heirs or Assigns shall within Three Years after the passing of this Grant, begin to employ thereon, and so to continue to Work for Three Years then next ensuing in digging any Stone Quarry or other Mine, One good and Able hand for every hundred Acres of such Tract it shall be accounted a Sufficient Cultivation and improvement: and every Three Acres which shall be cleared and Worked as aforesaid and every Three Acres which shall be cleared and drained as Aforesaid shall be Accounted a Sufficient Seating, Planting Cultivation and Improvement to save forever from forfeiture Fifty Acres of Land in any part of the Tract hereby Granted And the said Grantee shall be at liberty to withdraw his Right as to forbear Working in any Quarry or MINE in proportion to such Cultivation or Improvement as shall be made on the plantable lands or upon Swamps, Sunken Grounds and Marshes which are included in the Grant. and the said Grantee his Heirs or Assigns, having Seated, planted, Cultivated or Improved the said land, or any part of it according to the Conditions above mentioned, may make proof of such Seating, planting, Cultivation and improvement in the General Court or in the Court of the County District where such lands lie, and have such proof Certified to the Register’s Office, and there entered with a Record of this Grant, a Copy of which Shall be Admitted on any trial to Prove the Seating and planting of such land IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have Signed these presents and Caused the Seal of the Province to be hereunto Affixed at HALIFAX this Twenty fifth day of September in the Tenth Year of the Reign of the Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith and so forth. And in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy.

Buxh Bulkeley
Halifax April ye 20th 1774
Entered in the Auditor’s Office
John Breynton Dept. Ind.
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