From L’histoire de la Paroisse de Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau (Eel Brook) by Joan Bourque Campbell (page 19):

Land Grants

At the beginning of 19th Century, our founding fathers controlled their own lands. The growth of these families gave rise to the desire and to the need to possess these lands.

What could Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau offer the Acadians? Descriptions of the grants and the advertisements in the newspapers give us clues as to the nature of the land on which our ancestors had settled.

There were 500 arpents of land completely cleared, since it was an old Indian settlement. Moreover, there were many softwood and hardwood trees. The lake was rich in eels, and since the land bordered the sea, fishing would be a sure source of provisions. With the absence of roads, the sea was the only means of transport and communication.

The Acadians could build dykes and clear the ground. This practice guaranteed the farmers all the salted hay they desired. The area of Eel Lake thus promised to be an excellent place where the uprooted people could be reestablished.

Original Grant dated 1770 of the land situated in Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau and in Abram’s River to the Reverend John Bryenton.

* * *

From A Brief History of Pubnico written by Rev. Clarence Joseph d’Entremont (page 19):

After each one had chosen a piece of land on which to establish himself, a request was made to Halifax for a grant. It was issued 6 November 1771.

Benoni, wanting to protect the Acadian families from the menace of the English, went to Halifax on foot, according to tradition, to ask for another grant, which would cover the lands still available. He obtained the second grant in 1784.

Original division of land at Pubnico Head. Given to Ange Amirault, Isidore Belliveau, and others. The document is dated 12 November 1771.

Original land grant given by the government of Nova Scotia to Benoni, Paul and Joseph d’Entremont and others situated on the point (Lr. West Pubnico) in November 1784.

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