Four generations of d’Entremonts

First Generation

Sieur Philippe Mius d’Entremont: b. 1609, d. in 1700, m. Madeleine Elie around 1649, who was born in 1626, and died before the census of 1678. They had:

  1. Marguerite: b. 1650, in France. m. Pierre Melanson (said Laverdure) in 1665.
  2. Jacques I (of Pobomcoup): b. 1654, m. Anne de Saint-Étienne de La Tour, daughter of Charles de La Tour. They settled in Pomcoup.
  3. Abraham (of Pleinmarais): b. 1658, m. Marguerite de Saint-Étienne de La Tour.
  4. Philippe II: b. 1660, m. 1) anonymous American Indian woman; m. 2) Marie, also an American Indian.
  5. Madeleine: b. 1669. She was 16 years old at the 1686 census.

Second generation

  1. Marguerite Mius d’Entremont: b. 1650, m. Pierre Melanson):

    1. Philippe Melanson
    2. Cécile Melanson
    3. Pierre Melanson
    4. Marie Melanson
    5. Marguerite Melanson
    6. Isabelle Melanson
    7. Jean Melanson
    8. Madeleine Melanson
    9. Anne Melanson
    10. Paul Melanson
    11. son b. after 1693 census, d. before 1707 census.
  2. Jacques I Mius d’Entremont: b. 1654, m. Anne de St-Étienne de La Tour, and settled in Pomcoup:

    1. Jacques II Mius d’Entremont: b. 1679, in Pubnico, was a Baron of Pomcoup. m. Marguerite Amerault. He died in Walpole, Massachusetts, in 1759. He is the ancestor of all the d’Entremonts in North America.
    2. Philippe: married Thérèse, daughter of Jean-Vincent d’Abbadie de St-Castin and Pidicwanmikwe, an amerindian woman.
    3. Charles
    4. Joseph
    5. Marie
    6. Marie Jeanne
    7. Marguerite
    8. Marie Madeleine
    9. Anne
    10. anonymous child
  3. Abraham Mius d’Entremont: b. 1658, m. Marguerite de St-Étienne de La Tour:

    1. Marguerite
    2. Charles
    3. Madeleine
    4. Marie Josephte
    5. Abraham
    6. Anne
    7. Marie
    8. anonymous daughter
    9. anonymous child
  4. Philippe II Mius (d’Azy) d’Entremont: b. 1660, m.

    1. a non-identified Native American woman:
      1. Joseph (d’Azy): b. 1679. m. Marie Amirault, daughter of François Amirault. This family is the source of all families of the name Mius ou Miuse ou Meuse, found in North America.
      2. Marie
      3. Maurice
      4. Mathieu
      5. Françoise
    2. Marie (Native American woman):
      1. Jacques
      2. Marie
      3. Pierre (said Dasy)
      4. Madeleine (said d’Azy)
      5. Jean-Baptiste
      6. Françoise
      7. François
      8. Philippe
      9. Anne-Marie (said Nannette) (d’Azy)
  5. Madeleine Mius d’Entremont: was 16 years old at the 1686 census.

NOTE: Today the name d’Entremont is reserved exclusively for the descendants of Jacques I Mius d’Entremont and that of Mius is reserved exclusively for the descendants of Philippe II Mius d’Entremont.

These descendants of Philippe II Mius d’Entremont, known as d’Azy, all have Native American blood, because all his children resulted from his marriages to the Native American women with which he was associated.

Third generation
(We will follow the genealogical lines which have most influenced the region of Argyle.)

Jacques II Mius d’Entremont: b. 1679 in Pubnico, he was the Baron of Pomcoup. m. Marguerite Amirault. He died in Walpole, Mass., in 1759. He is the ansestor of all d’Entremonts of North America:

  1. Jacques III (France)
  2. Marie: (Grand Pré)
  3. Anne (Pubnico)
  4. Joseph (Pubnico)
  5. Marguerite: never married
  6. Paul (Pubnico)
  7. Bénoni (Pubnico)

Joseph (d’Azy): b. around 1679. m. Marie Amirault, daughter of François Amirault. This family is the source of the families bearing the names Mius or Miuse or Meuse, found in North America today:

  1. Joseph II
  2. Charles Amand I
  3. François
  4. Angélique
  5. Marie Josephte
  6. Claire
  7. Marie Madeleine
  8. Jean Baptist
  9. Marguerite
  10. Cécile
  11. Géneviève
  12. Rosalie
  13. Charles Benjamin


Fourth generation

(Lineage of Joseph d’Azy)

Joseph II: b. 1700, m. 1) Marie Joseph Préjean; m. 2) Marie Vincent:

  1. Théotiste
  2. Anne Rosalie: m. Pierre Hinard, a founder of Wedgeport.
  3. Joseph III
  4. Pierre Muis: m. Cécile Amirault and lived in Cap-Sable.
  5. Radagonde
  6. Louis: m. Anne Josephte Corporon in Pointe à Rocco.
  7. Cécile: m. Jean Bapt. Légère

Charles Amand Muis: b. 1701, m. Marie Marthe Hébert:

  1. Marie Josephte: m. Paul Clermont. Some descendants now bear the name Clements.
  2. Charles Amand II: m. Marie Josette Muise. This family lived in the region of Quinan. (Muises of Quinan)
  3. Anne
  4. Barthélemy
  5. Madeleine: m. 1) D. Doucet; m. 2) John Hobord. The Hubbards of Yarmouth County are descendants of this family.
  6. Félicité: m. twice, the second being Charles Doucet.
  7. Elisabeth
  8. Paul

François Mius: b. 1703, m. Jeanne Duon and settled at Pointe-des-Ben around 1767 after the Deportation:

  1. Anne
  2. Rosalie
  3. Elizabeth (Isabelle)
  4. François
  5. Jean
  6. Cécile
  7. Paul
  8. Christophe-Chrysostome
  9. Basile
  10. Marie
  11. Benjamin
  12. fille née avant 1756
  13. Marie

Jean-Baptist Mius: b. 1713, m. Marie Josephte Surette:

  1. Marguerite
  2. Ludivine
  3. Laurent
  4. Marie
  5. Paul
  6. Ignace
  7. Jean Baptist II
  8. Joseph
  9. Charles
  10. Marie Suzanne


Fourth generation

(Lineage of Jacques II Mius d’Entremont)

Benoni d’Entremont: b. 1745, m. Anne Marguerite Pothier.

      1. Joseph Josué
      2. Marguerite
      3. Simon (Squire) dit Square: Became the first Acadian to sit in the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia.
      4. Philippe
      5. Marie
      6. Anne
      7. Jean
      8. Joseph Vincent (Joe Square)
      9. Marc Benoni

Paul d’Entremont: b. 1743, m. Isabelle Modeste Belliveau.

      1. Jacques
      2. Hilaire
      3. Étienne
      4. Benjamin
      5. Gabriel
      6. Joseph Lévi

Joseph d’Entremont: b. 1739, m. Agnès Belliveau.

      1. Cyrille
      2. Marguerite
      3. Marie
      4. Venerante (ou Emerante)
      5. Charles Celestin
      6. Joseph Elie
      7. Anne Esther
      8. Louise
      9. Geneviève

Anne d’Entremont: b. 1732, m. Abel Duon, who is the ancestor of the Duon (d’Eon) of Pubnico.

      1. Augustin Duon
      2. Paul Duon
      3. Marie Duon
      4. Monique Duon
      5. Ursule Duon
      6. Cécile Duon
      7. Jaques Duon
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