The research centre Les Archives Père Clarence d’Entremont holds his complete collection.

Father Clarence

Father Clarence Joseph d'Entremont

Father Clarence Joseph d’Entremont (1909-19980

Father Clarence Joseph d’Entremont was born on 15 March 1909. He was the son of James and Elizabeth d’Entremont. As well as being a Roman Catholic priest, he was a life member of numerous historical societies in both Canada and the United States.

He was a founding member of the Acadian Historical Society of New England; the Historical Society of Madawaska, Maine; the Acadian Historical Society of West Pubnico; the Historical Society of Lunenburg County; the Massachussets Society of Genealogists; the Federation of Genealogical Societies of Salt Lake City; and the Acadian Historical and Genealogical Association of New England.

He received many awards and honorary doctorates, including the Order of Canada. He was an authority in Acadian history and genealogy and published many books, one of which was Histoire du Cap-Sable (5 volumes); he also published many articles.

He was a member of the New Horizons of West Pubnico; a member of the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia; a 4th degree Knight of Columbus; and a member of the following historical societies: Pubnico, Argyle, Yarmouth, Barrington, and Saint Mary’s Bay.

Rev. Clarence J. d’Entremont passed away on Friday, 13 November 1998. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family, having been predeceased by brothers, Richard, Randolph, Hector; and sisters, Jeanette, Blanche, Marjorie, Dorilda, and Marie.

The research centre Les Archives Père Clarence d’Entremont holds his complete collection.

Following is a list of items Father Clarence bequeathed to the Historical Society:

Altar. Site or installation, in religious matters, intended for the offering or the sacrifice.

Case. Purse containing the pyx and the corporal.

Corporal. The linen cloth on which the body of Christ is consecrated.

Crucifix. A cross on which the Christ torture victim is represented, used as an object of devotion or symbol of the Christian faith. The crucifix is the principal ornament of the altar. It is placed on the altar to recall the celebrant and to remind the faithful that the Victim offered on the altar is the same as was offered on the Cross.

Kneeler. A bench, pad, etc. used for kneeling.

Missal. The book that contains the complete service for mass throughout the year.

Missal stand. A stand for the missal.

Pyx. A vase or a case in which the blessed sacrament is reserved.

The Way of the Cross. A series of 14 stations indicating the different stages of the passion of Christ.

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