Christian faith

Christian faith is the belief in God through the revealed truths. From the beginning, this faith was strong among our ancestors; most of them believed and practiced the Catholic religion.
In the past there was only one great mass, Sunday morning at 10:00 am. Sometimes, when the entire family could not attend, the maidservant or the mother would remain at home with the children.

The regular morning mass was held at 7:30 am. The villagers fasted after midnight until the next morning after mass; and on Sunday the priest would not eat for an hour after the 10:00 am mass to respect the Eucharist. Only the priest took the Eucharist at the time of the mass. The local people went to receive communion at 7:00 am. The mass itself was practiced in Latin until the 1960s.

There were five masses that the faithful were obligated to attend: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Assumption Day, All Saint’s Day, and The Epiphany.

– Father Maurice LeBlanc

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