Photos of tombstones and monuments of
the cemetery of St. Peter's Church, West Pubnico and the Old Cemetery

St. Peter's Church was built in the 1890s through 1892 under the direction of Louis P. LeBlanc and architect Joseph B. Spinney. The parish bought the Nicholas d'Entremont lot for $160.00. This church was the third church of the parish. Father Sullivan said the first Mass at midnight on Christmas Day 1891, when the church was not yet complete. The net cost of construction was approximately $12,000. The chapel was built in 1928 when Father Denis Comeau was parish priest. The church is now known as a spiritual home where several generations come, and still come, to practice the Catholic religion.

Around 1950, Anne d'Entremont organized a campaign to collect enough money to buy the Calvary, which was placed halfway in the cemetery. In 1971 he was moved to the bottom of the cemetery, near the wall.

The last person buried in the old cemetery was Marie-Jeanne d'Entremont in 1891. The first dead person buried in St. Peter's Cemetery was Actime d'Entremont, buried on October 28, 1892. The tombstone at Actime d'Entremont cannot to be found.

Unfortunately, many of the old tombstones have dates that do not match Nova Scotia records and census information. It is sometimes difficult to judge which date is the correct one.

The letters and numbers at the end of the description of the photo are the lot in which they are buried.

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